Opening the doors of offices, parking garages or leisure spaces, such as sports venues, with a mobile application.


Booking exercise and meeting facilities, saunas or even rental equipment with a mobile application.


Selecting and paying for electric car charging points with a mobile application. (Coming soon!)


Electronic recording of snow, soil and, for example, gravel loads, and opening of booms and gates with a mobile application.

Tolotech Oy

A domestic company specializing in access control, which offers access control service packages with over twenty years of experience.

Tolotech Oy is a Tampere-based company employing about 10 people, which offers its customers electronic access control solutions for various needs. Typically our systems are found in the access control solutions of industry, housing, logistics and leisure such as sports venues. The devices and software used in access control are entirely our company’s own production.

ToloAccess – Smart access control and mobile application unlocking for your doors!

  • Sports venues
  • Building companies
  • Offices
  • Industrial areas
  • Parking garages

ToloAccess enables intelligent access control and keyless access. In addition to the controller device, the ToloAccess service includes a control panel as a web user interface. For your customers, the service manifests itself as smart, effortless and keyless passage through all your doors! App unlocking is also possible with Apple Watch.

ToloBook – A flexible booking platform for your customers!

  • Sports venues
  • Gyms
  • Leisure facilities
  • Other bookable spaces

ToloBook brings together in one platform all the features you require from a booking system. The service above all enables the booking of spaces, shifts and times, as well as electronic product sales and course organization. It is possible to purchase ToloBook together with ToloAccess, in which case space reservations and access rights communicate seamlessly with each other. Thus, you can forget about worrying about how the customer gets in after booking a shift.

ToloCharge – Accessible and smart charging service for electric cars! (Coming soon!)

  • Parking garages
  • Service providers planning charging points

ToloCharge is a service that enables your customers to charge their electric car with the same application they use to book your available times and access to your premises. ToloCharge’s development is nearing its end, so don’t hesitate to contact us if the charging service piqued your interest!

Recos – Electronic waybill and access control!

  • Soil and snow dump sites

Recos is an electronic load book service suitable for land and snow dumping sites, which allows both the driver and the recipient to receive accurate data on the amount and types of the load. At the same time, site access control is handled, as the application also opens any gates and booms when the load is carried. Get in touch if you need Recos!

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