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Access control service for various environments

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Access control as a part of business. Integrations to booking platforms and to ecommerce solutions.

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Maintenance services

Mainentance service for doors, gates and barriers

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Housing companies

Access control for parking garages and common facilities

Common facilitiest

Are there common facilities in your buildings? A sauna, a club room, a laundry room or a drying room? It is useful to arrange easy and secure access for everyone, both the residents and others who have booked the space. When necessary, it is important to have access to accurate information on who last used the space.

Parking garages

A building’s parking garages or separate parking garage buildings are usually entered through a garage door or a gate. There might be hundreds of users depending on the size of the garage or the parking area. Remote access right management and monitoring is a self-evident necessity today.

An excellent solution for access control in apartment buildings and parking garages is the Tolotrack access control system. The system administrator can select just the right access method from various options (a code, RFID, remote control, or automatic opening) and manage users in the Tolotrack service. We also offer access control and user management for properties as a complete service package.

Industrial areas, cities and municipalities

Barriers, gates and garage doors

Industrial areas

Industrial areas are entered by staff and the vehicles of various transport companies and customers through gates and barriers. It is important to select the best access option for different groups. It is also possible to remotely open the barrier or a gate on specific days and times. Camera surveillance and event logs help in finding out who moves in the area.

Cities and municipalities

Typical sites for cities and municipalities include depots, water and heat facilities, waste management facilities and sports facilities. Cities and municipalities are responsible for the access control of various properties. A versatile system that can even be transferred from one property to another makes management easier.

The Tolotrack access control system offers several access options (by phone, remote control, automatic opening, PIN code and RFID) and the possibility to select a different access method for each group. An annual, online-managed clock is a great tool for the remote controlling of gates and barriers. The system also produces real-time log data and presence information. Reports are available directly on the Tolotrack service or integrated into an ERP system, which enables user-specific billing.

Accommodation, tourism, sports and leisurea

Integrated access control services


The access control of a gym, a tennis court or a sports facility is often integrated with a booking system or an online store. The user books and pays beforehand and receives access rights for the duration of the booking. These integrated systems enable unmanned service and an effortless buying and access experience for the user.

Tourism and accommodation

The access control of holiday villages, villas and filling stations requires absolute reliability and functionality. Access through a door, gate or barrier is possible at any hour, and remote management enables swift timetable changes.

The Tolotrack access control system offers the necessary equipment and services for secure access control, as well as extensive integration possibilities for booking system and online store platforms. Your company can select the package that best suits its needs.

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