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Access control

Tolotech Oy's access control system ensures safe, secure and intelligent access control to all doors, booms and gates.


With ToloAccess, you can manage your accesses through automation. ToloAccess offers security and keyless convenience.


The system is entirely manufactured domestically, from the software to the hardware.


ToloAccess enables secure and monitorable access control in all kinds of locations.


The activities of Tolotech Oy and ToloAccess are based in their entirety on the General Data Protection Regulation.

Flexible support

Efficient maintenance and extensive system support are included in all services provided. Tolotech Oy takes good care of its customers.

Multiple opening methods

ToloAccess supports a wide range of keyless entry methods, the most popular of which is the ToloGo mobile app.

The mobile app ensures effortless access to all everyday doors. ToloGo is a cutting-edge app that combines the features needed to book, travel and charge an electric car. 

In addition to the mobile app, the entrance can also be opened with a phone call. The device checks the phone number against the active access rights and the door, boom or gate opens. 

Tolotech Oy also provides a keyboard with the equipment if required. In this case, access is by means of a unique PIN code or the supplied tag. 

Recognition of the registration number by camera ensures effortless and automatic access control, for example in parking garages. 

1. Domesticity

Finnish quality service.

Tolotech Oy is an access control company based in Tampere, whose main goal is to provide its customers with reliable reservation and access systems. The system packages are the company's own work and their development is always customer-oriented.

2. Security

Flexibility in line with the regulations.

ToloAccess offers its users security and flexibility in line with the GDPR regulation. We offer scalable access control solutions for all sizes of needs, with the possibility to integrate other services from our company at any time. If you have a door, boom or gate for which you are looking for an access control solution, we have an innovative solution for you.

3. Support

Comprehensive support for all challenges.

Tolotech Oy is known for its quality partners and efficient service and support. Should any problems arise with the system, you can be sure that the problem will be dealt with without delay. In addition, the system familiarisation process is individualised for each customer.

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